Nasty Nigel – “Groundhog Day”

blame it on Meka April 6, 2016

When I first heard of the Queens-based collective World’s Fair, it was via its subgroup Children Of The Night (which is composed of Lansky Jones, du-rang kingpin Remy Banks, and Nasty Nigel). Although the Fair has released a debut album, 2013’s Bastards Of The Party, Nigel — who is one of the co-founders of the entire collective — has yet to drop a solo effort of his own.

That will change, however, with the forthcoming release of his debut EP El Ultimo Playboy: La Vida Y Los Tiempos De Nigel Rubirosa (or, roughly translated, “The Last Playboy: The Life and Times of Nigel Rubirosa”) during the warmer months of 2016. He has also revealed the project’s first single “Groundhog Day,” which sadly isn’t based on nBill Murray’s epic 1993 movie…

“Growing up in New York and trying to figure out the forever changing city, you end up picking up a couple perks. Now, the perks may not be the healthiest for the body & mind, but they temporarily fix the immediate issue at hand. Stretch said issue at hand for 6 years and you end up falling into the sh*ttiest routine of going to the bar & strip club every day because you have nowhere to go at night. Rent isn’t cheap in New York but as long as I know who I know, that bar & strip club stool is.”

As a person who is constantly eating questionably healthy sandwiches from my local bodega, I can understand where he’s coming from. Anyways, listen to the Pat Lukens-produced song below.