Watch An Exclusive ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Clip + New ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer

blame it on JES7 April 10, 2016

Another Sunday, another boring awards show to ignore. Well, not entirely.

It was announced weeks ago that during the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, both Marvel and DC/Warner Bros. would be pulling down the curtains for exclusive reveals of new clips for both the upcoming Captain America: Civil War and Suicide Squad.

During the show, presenter Chris Evans (Captain America) made good on the promise, premiering an exclusive clip from the third film in the Captain America franchise. Watch Cap, Scarlet Witch and The Falcon in action up top. #TeamCap and #TeamIronMan face off in theaters May 6th.

Below, Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingine premiered new footage from Suicide Squad, set to Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me” and The Sweets’ “Ballroom Blitz.” Word on the curb is that the #Skwad film will feature a lot more Batfleck then originally let on. Which is a great thing, as Affleck was — and this is collectively agreed upon — the single best thing about Batman v Superman. Suicide Squad arrives in theaters August 5th.