Download Nearly Every Gucci Mane Mixtape From The Last Decade

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 6, 2016

Gucci Mane finally got out. And it’s a problem.

Seeming to have the hype surrounding him at an all-time high (thanks to the meme-filled activeness of social media), whatever Gucci’s next project is will probably, and the very least, be one of his most-downloaded bits of content yet. Less than a week after getting out, La Flare delivered “First Day Out The Feds,” followed by, less than a week after that, a collab with Drake. And his buzz is only building.

But whether you’ve followed Gucci’s career from the streets of Atlanta in the mid-2000s or just picked him up while he was serving his latest prison sentence, a good samaritan has joined all of Gucci’s mixtapes from 2006 into one spot for any fan new or old’s downloading pleasure.

From Chicken Talk all the way to last year’s Views From Zone 6 EP, nearly 70 mixtapes are in one spot. And these, for the most part, don’t include retail releases like The State vs. Radric Davis and Meal Ticket (a combination of three food-related tapes from 2015).

This discography was put together by a Tumblr user at the beginning of the year, but it’s fitting to get yourself updates on the stylings of Gucci Mane if you haven’t already done so. And even if you’re a super fan, there might be a release or two you find on this massive list, which lands at over 4 GBs of content.


Chicken Talk
Bird Flu
Ice Attack 1 & 2
No Pad, No Pencil
Chicken Talk 2
Definition Of A G
EA Sportscenter
From Zone 6 To Duval
Gangsta Grillz: The Movie
Gucci Sosa
Mr. Perfect
So Icey Boy
Writings On The Wall


Bird Flu 2
Bird Money
Burrprint: The Movie 3D
Cold War Series
Gangsta Grillz: The Movie pt.2 (The Sequel)
Kitchen Talk
Burrrrprint 2 HD
Buy My Album
Ferrari Music
Free Gucci
Jewelry Selection
Mr. Zone 6


Bricksquad Mafia
Free Bricks
Free Gucci 2
Gucci 2 Time
Writings On The Wall 2
I’m Up
Trap Back
Trap God


Diary Of A Trap God
Free Bricks 2
Money Pounds Ammunition
Trap Back 2
Trap God 2
World War III Vol. 1 (Lean)
World War III Vol. 2 (Molly)
World War III Vol. 3 (Gas)


Big Gucci Sosa
Brick Factory
C.N.O.T.E Vs. Gucci
The Green Album
The Purple Album
The Return Of Mr Perfect
The White Album
Trap House 4
Young Thugga Mane La Flare
Dessert EP
King Gucci
Mr. Clean The Middle Man
The Spot Soundtrack
Trap House 5
Views From Zone 6

Download the discography here.