The Cool Kids Are Back, And For Real This Time!

blame it on Shake July 13, 2016

The moment many have been waiting for has arrived: Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks Mikey Rocks have announced their return.

Although Sir Michael Rocks may have shot the hope of a possible reunion in the heart last year, Chuck Inglish just confirmed the good news — The Cool Kids are back… for real!

In a series of Twitter updates, the producer had the following to say about reestablishing his relationship with his brother in music:

I called Mikey and realized nothing would feel better than us being the originators again. The Cool Kids are back forreal. The Hiatus is over. We missed being us. We refuse to let people down and not be the actual group. We been through too much. So prepare for things to go back to they were suppsosed to be. The Cool Kids together is what is right in the world. It’s on. 

I can’t say I’ve felt more complete as an artist than to be back with my brother to give the world what we started. I’m not saying it to pump fake. I’ve felt incomplete.. I needed to bring us back for our sanity… And to give you that feeling is golden. We really felt like we hadn’t really finished what we started. They took our styles and ran off. We coming back for it all.

I had really lost my mind this summer. I was losing motivation. All I wanted to do was being back The Cool. This is only way.

I’ve gotta say, just looking for older pictures of Chuck and Mikey brought back some great memories. This is gonna be awesome.

Both artists have a solo project to let loose first, but after that, it’s go time. Until then, travel back five years and press play on When Fish Ride Bicycles.