Stream Offsite & Wontu’s ‘After Shenron’ EP

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 5, 2016

Offsite is an emcee from Milwaukee who spent much of the last two years entrenched in Tokyo. Wontu is a producer from the humid landscape of South Florida. Together, the two cross paths on a five-track EP, After Shenron, named after the dragon summoned in Dragon Ball Z once all seven dragon balls are collected into one space.

Seeing as I have very little knowledge of the show (I once snitched on my older brother when he was 6 for watching Dragon Ball Z, a show rated for kids 7 and up, so I could try and finesse the remote control from him; it didn’t work), Offsite explains the motivation behind the EP:

Shenron (the wish-granting dragon) emerges only upon the gathering of the seven dragon balls scattered across Earth. Following years of feverish tracking, a single wish is granted in a mere instant to those who succeeded in recovering the orbs, and the dragon balls are deployed once more, cast off across the globe for any future hunters tenacious enough to pursue. At this dual-moment of both end and beginning, After Shenron begins.

The remainder of the project, which has one feature from Safari Al, has Offsite pondering the power of said responsibilities and the subsequent lack of a rewarding feeling over Wontu’s looping, dusty soundscapes.

Stream After Shenron below, and cop the project digitally and on cassette via Bandcamp.