Rav.P – “Blck Evil”

blame it on JES7 August 7, 2016

Passport Rav.P takes on a slightly political stance for his latest submission, “Blck Evil,” challenging the idea that anything associated with the word “black” has negative connotations. On the flip side of this notion, most likely created by a white supremacist, black, in nature is dominating — including the fact that the chemical known as melanin, which gives People of Color dark complexions/pigmentation — is found in interstellar space.

While I could go on and on about this very topic, we’ll let Rav expound on these thoughts. Hear his self-produced song below.

“On a play with words, Rav.P asks “why everything thats black is bad?” Black according to the dictionary is tied to words like grim, evil and bad luck. Rav.P challenges you to question who was behind these words and its meaning. It is time that we as a people and especially the police in America, to change our thoughts on these words that may strike fear. Rav says, “I have debates all the time with people that hate the use of the N word but when the Police get the description that invokes fear it is not the N word. It is black…”