Frank Ocean Returns With New Visual Album, ‘Endless’

blame it on Shake August 18, 2016

There isn’t much to say at this point except that it actually happened: Frank Ocean‘s long-awaited album Boys Don’t Cry has arrived — or, is arriving.

Last week, Frank resurfaced with a mysterious live stream on his website that showed him building something out of wood. Fans expected the album to drop. It didn’t. Laughs were had at the expense of said fans being left emptied-handed.

Tonight, a week later, the live stream was back on. Only this time, Frank’s spiraling staircase is nearly complete and music was played in the background.

Had BDC finally arrived?! Not quite. Turns out, the music heard is from Frank Ocean’s new visual album, ENDLESS — a completely separate project from the long-awaited Channel Orange follow-up, which, according to Rolling Stone, is no longer called Boys Don’t Cry and will be released this weekend via Apple Music!

RS has confirmed that Endless is a different project from his proper new album. That album, set for release by Apple this weekend, was previously called Boys Don’t Cry, but RS has learned that the singer has scrapped that title in favor of an alternate title.

So, no… Boys Don’t Cry the album isn’t here just yet. But the release is only days away. And now, you’ve got an entire visual LP to enjoy while you wait.