BANKS – “Mind Games”

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 19, 2016

We’re still five weeks away from BANKS sharing her new album, The Altar. But today, she shared the third single out of 13 songs from on the project, “Mind Games.”

This follows the first two singles, “Fuck With Myself” and “Gemini Feed,” which just caught a visual this week, too.

The song is a bit more tempered than the first two production-wise — it’s still handled by SOHN — but the lyrical content is just as open about her relationships.

“My addiction to his contradictions make it confusing, and if I walk away, I’m scared I won’t find other muses,” she sings during the tune, offering the first glimpse of vulnerability throughout the three singles. BANKS said in an interview with Annie Mac this album is supposed to make her feel empowered, and “Mind Games” is one of those moments that made her want to feel that.

“It makes me feel exposed putting it into the universe but see me now,” she said on Twitter as the song arrived on the Internet last night.

Pre-order The Altar on iTunes, and listen to “Mind Games” below.