Frank Ocean’s New Album Boys Don’t Cry ‘Blonde’ Has Arrived

blame it on Shake August 20, 2016

On Thursday night, Frank Ocean fans were left with mixed emotions.

On one hand, Boy Don’t Cry Blonde, an album they’ve been waiting on for four years, didn’t arrive as hoped. But on the other hand, fans were still blessed with a new album.

Turns out, the live stream that’s been showing on Frank’s website the past two weeks was a lead up to a visual project called Endless. The 40+ minute experience features Frank showing off his carpenter skills while all new music makes up the soundtrack.

On top of the Apple Music premiere, we also got confirmation that Boys was a completely separate project and that it would be arriving this weekend — with an alternative title.


Now, it’s been just over four years since Frank released the acclaimed channel ORANGE, which isn’t really that long — especially for someone like the Cali singer who wants as little to do with the limelight as possible. He’ll create his craft on his own accord, and we’ll consume it whenever he gives it to us.

Sure, four years seems like forty in the type of era where Future, Young Thug, Boosie Badazz, Curren$y and others are all dropping consistent projects at a ridiculous pace, but you can’t pin all artists into one category and give them all the same expectations. And now that you have an album, you’re just as content as if you would’ve been had it last summer.

Nevertheless, Boys Don’t Cry Blonde, is complete with 17 tracks with contributions from André 3000 (“I was under the impression that everyone wrote their own verses”), Kendrick Lamar, 88-Keys, Rick Rubin, Pharrell, and more.

The tracklist is without features now, but we’ll update when it comes through. Until then, press play on the stream below and grab your copy on iTunes.


And for those of you lucky enough to reside in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and London, you can get your chance at picking up a physical copy by visiting any of the locations featured in the flier above. Frank has finally launched the inaugural issue of his Boys Don’t Cry publication, which he hinted toward back in July.

Each copy of the magazine will be accompanied by a CD of Blonde.

EDIT: Turns out, there are two different versions of the album, with the digital copy and physical copies both reflecting slightly different tracklists.

1. Nikes
2. Ivy
3. Pink + White
4. Be Yourself
5. Solo
6. Skyline To
7. Self Control
8. Good Guy
9. Nights
10. Solo (Reprise)
11. Pretty Sweet
12. Facebook Story
13. Close to You
14. White Ferrari
15. Seigfried
16. Godspeed
17. Futura Free

1. Pretty Sweet
2. Mitsubishi Sony
3. Ivy
4. Pink & White
5. Solo
6. Easy
7. Skyline To
8. Night.s
9. White Ferrari
10. Seigfried
11. Godspeed
12. Futura Free