Santigold – “Banshee” (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 23, 2016

In the mix of one of the craziest years for rap/pop/R&B in a long time, Santigold’s 99¢ had momentarily fallen by the wayside. She still has one of the coolest videos of the year with the interactive visual for “Can’t Get Enough Of Myself,” where you can plaster yourself on posters while Santigold parades you around town.

Her latest video — coming nearly six months after 99¢ released — comes from the final single, “Banshee.”

The song is a dark, but explosive and enthralling tune, meant to exorcise your demons through power of dance, positivity and movement. The visual follows suit as Santi — and a shadow puppet of herself — dance in the spotlight.

Watch the Ari Marcopoulos-directed video above.