Action Bronson Cooks “Explosive Crispy Chicken” w/ Rachael Ray

blame it on Patrick Glynn October 14, 2016

Rap will never be too far on the back burner (this pun was intended), but Action Bronson has dove deep into Fuck, That’s Delicious and the promotion surrounding it over the last year. Given its a show that can pump out a couple seasons in a 12-month period, Bronsolino can constantly pop up on talk shows with relevancy.

Earlier this week, Bronson stopped by Rachel Ray’s show, where they cooked “explosive crispy chicken,” which is fried chunks of chicken thighs, marinated in soy sauce and rice wine vinegar, tossed in szechuan peppercorn, scallions and other spices. FIRE.

Watch Bronson whip it up below.

The two also chopped it up — verbally, that is — for a bit as well.