Zeds Dead – “Too Young” f. Pusha T & Rivers Cuomo (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn October 27, 2016

There are many things that attracted me to this song.

First, I saw “Zeds Dead,” and while I don’t care much for the electronic stylings of the duo, I was telling a friend the other day I want to watch Pulp Fiction again after watching way too much of Bruce Willis in Die Hard 2. I need a cleanse.

Next, Pusha T, because whenever Pusha T pops up on the timeline, it’s proper to click the link. (Even though sometimes, it takes you to Hillary Clinton’s website and I don’t ever really want to go to Hillary Clinton’s website ((and not because I prefer the orange man’s website more.)).)

Finally, Rivers Cuomo means a bunch to me because long before I listened to rap all day on a daily basis, I listened to music like Weezer.

I say all of this because I apologize if you came here for similar reasons, because it is very, very rare for a combination like this to be more than mediocre.

Now while this is certainly an admirable shot at the radio, with Cuomo handling a simple hook between Pusha hopping all over Zeds Dead’s piano-driven beat, there’s a Category 4 hurricane headed straight for my grandma’s house, and then mine, so this is far from the last thing I want to have on repeat before my living room gets flooded.

Rather, I’d listen to this. Or this.

But if you’ve got the time, it’s not NOT worth the three minutes it takes to get through “Too Young.”

UPDATE: Three weeks later, an official video has been released. Check out the clay-mation work below.