(The New) A Tribe Called Quest Cover The Village Voice

blame it on Meka November 15, 2016

Following their memorable and bittersweet performance on Saturday Night Live and release of their final album, A Tribe Called Quest are the focal point of the Village Voice’s November 22nd issue. Alongside their cover story, the group shared the first image of their new lineup: with Consequence and Busta Rhymes.


In their story, Q-Tip speaks on their SNL performance, the rock inspirations throughout We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service, and more.

Some choice quotes:

Q-Tip reflected on the performance and how the political message of Tribe’s new album had hit home. “When you are a citizen of this country and you see what’s afoot, you could either not deal with it or deal with it,” he said. “Our choice was the latter. But we also made a choice not to be heavy-handed, to still keep it in our own tongue. We certainly had good expectations, but none of us expected it would be like this.”

Tip said that a Tribe tour wasn’t likely but wasn’t impossible. “It’s hard to think of that without Phife,” he added. “But you can never say never.” In any case, the message would continue.

“I’m glad we are having this moment, but we are looking forward to others — whether it be Lauryn or André or Nas or D’Angelo — continuing to add dialogue and add their voices,” he said. “Hip-hop is freedom. It’s expression, it’s revolutionary, it’s evolved. It’s bombastic. It’s a place for us to thrive. A place to express.”

The entire article can be read here.