Chance the Rapper Producer GARREN Drops “There She Go”

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 29, 2016

GARREN is a producer from the Bay Area. He’s produced songs this year like Chance the Rapper’s “Smoke Break” and Joey Purp’s “Photobooth,” which I believe I tweeted I owed my life to whomever producer that song because how hard it hit the first time I heard it.

He’s now dropping an album — GARREN, LP — in early 2017, and Monday he released the first single, “There She Go.”

As if the two songs I mentioned earlier weren’t different enough, “There She Go” adds another layer of sound to GARREN’s ever-growing repertoire.

He hums and sings about love and beauty over a looping, soothing synthesizer as guitars and drums contribute rhythm, bounce and energy to the single. He’s singing, but it sounds like his voice used to add passion and soul to the instrumental.