Charles Hamilton Finally Drops His Debut Album, ‘Hamilton, Charles’

blame it on Patrick Glynn December 9, 2016

I can’t say my affinity for Charles Hamilton is quite at the level of some of the people who might be reading this. But I know how important he is to a lot of the people who might be reading this.

Hamilton is one of the first and premiere “blog rappers,” if you will, who largely built his fan base online and with the support of tons of blogs who helped spread his hundred of mixtape over the course of a couple years.

Amidst his rise, he battled mental health issues for years, eventually finding a home at Republic Records, who seemingly put his mental health first before the music. He made an official return last year with The Black Box EP, which came out after a couple delays.

But now here’s Hamilton — a man nearly 10 years into his career but still only 29 — releasing his official debut album.

Titled Hamilton, Charles, the rapper/producer navigates the 12 songs by himself, as he largely has over the course of his hundreds of projects.

Stream the album below, and support Hamilton on iTunes.