Kahlee & Muds – “Bars Weekly 2”

blame it on JES7 January 10, 2017

Last week, Gardena, CA’s Kahlee (of The Seed) and filmmaker MightyMuds set off on a 52 week venture to release a new, a cappella freestyle series dubbed #BarsWeekly.

After the inaugural episode, Kahlee returns, spitting his verse from 2015’s “Loogie” featuring Namek and Uptown Swuite.

Check the lyrics, transcribed by the man himself below.

So you that feather in the cap type cat?
I’m that knife in my teeth, army fatigue, Red Team in the pitch black.
Chop a sack and meditate over pages of Seth Godin.
James Bond strolling off with a diesel truck exploding.
See y’all arguing over crumbs and tokens and playing games while I’m staying focused, I carry my weight like a freight train.
Try to tell me stay in my lane. Bitch I’m the one with the paint.
On the grind, the way I put it down y’all follow my lines.
Fool I went to the same High School as Chuck Norris.
Los Angeles, South Bay-side, the North Torrance, Zack Morris.
Killa, the blood’s still dripping off of my Hanzo.
My suitcase’s a cross or Marsellus Wallace and Dr. Gonzo.
Virtual Fighter combo. I’m Art Laboe and More Bounce.
I’ll kick a verse like Peter Griffin then I’ll holler “Road House.”
Then Buck Fifty that ass, Supreme Clientele.
Crop the Black and Mild to spark the gasoline trail.