The Game Receives Probation, Not Jail Time, For Punching Off-Duty Cop

blame it on Patrick Glynn February 7, 2017

Back in 2015, The Game was charged with misdemeanor battery after punching an off-duty cop during a basketball game. While he originally pled not guilty, he was able to work out a plea deal highlighted by three years probation.

This is surprising because even Game thought he was going to get jail time. During a concert in Europe in December, where he also announced his last album, he said he was going to go to jail right when he got back to the States.

“When I get back to LA, I’m going straight to jail, ’cause I fucking had a fight with a police officer,” he said at the concert. He then revealed plans to write his next — and potentially last — album while there. “I’m gonna sit down and write my next album, which is probably my last album. It’s called Westside Story.”

As a part of the plea deal, in which he pled no contest, according to TMZ, Game received three years probation, 26 anger management class and 120 community service hours.