Donald Glover Talks Bending Genres, Star Wars, Working With Chance The Rapper In Big Boy Interview

blame it on Patrick Glynn February 22, 2017

A Donald Glover interview isn’t exactly rare nowadays, but he’s appeared in a public space talking about his work less and less simply because he’s so damn busy.

After making Atlanta, he dropped an album, then he won a couple Golden Globes, and now he’s filming for the Star Wars movie, and soon after he’ll film for the live-action Lion King movie.

Catching up with all the aforementioned work, Glover talked to Big Boy on LA radio about Awaken, My Love!, bending genres (he said “genres are dead”), filming the Hans Solo movie in the Star Wars world and more.

He also talked about recording music with Chance the Rapper (they have a rumored project in the works), which is great to know, but don’t get yourself hyped at all until you hear those studio sessions bear fruit.

Listen to the 20-minute interview below.