Gorillaz Announce Demon Dayz Festival, Will Perform Live For First Time In Seven Years

blame it on Patrick Glynn March 6, 2017

Now that the Gorillaz are officially back, it’s time for new music. And along with new music, especially with a group as artistic as the Gorillaz, usually comes a creative live aspect to it, as well.

This summer, for the first time in seven years, Gorillaz will perform live. It’ll be in the headlining role of their newly announced one-day Demon Dayz festival on June 10 in Kent, England. The full lineup has yet to be announced, but the important part is the Gorillaz will be performing live once again. Tickets for the festival go on sale at 9 a.m. (I presume England time) on Friday, March 10.

Gorillaz released their first song in six years, “Hallelujah Money,” to start the year after sharing a mix of female artists who inspired the group’s next work, which has yet to be officially announced. But now knowing that June 10 festival date, we can now have a decent idea of around when more new content will flow in.