Kanye West Talks Meeting J Dilla, Fashion & More In Unearthed 2013 Interview

blame it on Patrick Glynn March 8, 2017

Back when Kanye West released “No More Parties In LA” with Kendrick Lamar and Madlib, there was a feature called The B-Side that originally appeared on the DVD from Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton, a documentary about the origins of Stones Throw Records. In that feature, there was a short snippet from a Kanye West interview in 2013 about “No More Parties In LA,” which didn’t come out until 2016.

That interview has now been released in full. (Parts of it were used in the Stones Throw documentary, too.) It starts with Kanye talking about meeting J Dilla for the first time, then transitioning to comparing Dilla’s influence on the rap world to Maison Margiela’s influence on the fashion world. They also talked about Jaylib’s impact on “anti-radio” music making and having the ability to stick to hip-hop’s roots.