Desiigner vs. Nardwuar

blame it on Meka March 20, 2017

This is definitely one of Nardwuar‘s more interesting interviews to date.

Making his annual excursion to SXSW, the Human Serviette met up with Desiigner. for one of his trademark interviews. Immediately he surprises Desiigner by handing him a record from Guitar Crusher, the young rapper’s own grandfather made in 1963. Throughout their time together, Desiigner speaks on his love for Jackie Chan (he gets a copy of the Rush Hour 2 soundtrack), a gift for his manager, and much more.

That moment when Nardwuar asks for his signature ad-libs, though? Sounds like that “World’s Greatest Wars” sketch on Chappelle’s Show where Dave’s gang took on Mos Def’s gang.

Desiigner also starred in a recent episode of “Sneaker Shopping,” meeting with Joe La Puma at Flight Club in Los Angeles to talk Jordans, Yeezys and his own upcoming collaborative pair of sneakers.