Yep, Troy Ave Actually Released His ‘Nupac’ Project

blame it on Meka April 18, 2017

As a person from the West that moved to NYC, it’s very hard to understand certain things out here. For example, the gang culture in Brooklyn: their ideals are a complete 180 from what I was exposed and used to growing up in Long Beach, and it’s very difficult to comprehend the thought process behind it all. Then again, I’m not from here so it’s not my place to criticize.

I guess I’m using this allegory as a means to describe the NuPac project from Troy Ave: I don’t necessarily understand the reasoning behind the project, but once again I’m not really in a place to criticize. I mean, I can, but there’s no point to do so when others have said more than enough for me.

Either way, listen to it below if you’d like.