Joseph Chilliams – “POWERPUFF”

blame it on Patrick Glynn May 9, 2017

Joseph Chilliams appeared alongside his brother Saba on the stellar “Westside Bound 3” last year. He’s now arrived at the DopeHouse on his own with his new single, “POWERPUFF.”

The song is rooted in the things that raised him: the westside of Chicago and cartoons like the Powerpuff Girls and South Park. Chilliams’ thoughts start to ramble into things outside those, though. “Can I say I love women without sounding sexist?” he wonders, because, just as his mind wandered as a kid, he’s pledged to open his thoughts up on wax.

“‘POWERPUFF’ is my origin story,” Chilliams told The FADER. “It’s where it all starts for me, it’s an introduction. The song makes me feel invincible, like Beyoncé or Wolverine. This song was born out of the same things I was: 90s Cartoon Network and the Westside. ‘POWERPUFF’ is just me believing in myself for 2 minutes and 38 seconds. Also, my favorite Powerpuff Girl is Buttercup.”

Listen to “POWERPUFF” below. It’ll land on his upcoming album, Henry Church.