Little Simz – “Backseat”

blame it on Patrick Glynn May 10, 2017

Little Simz’s Stillness In Wonderland isn’t a prime example of why I don’t love making year-end lists the minute the year ends. The album came out with two weeks left in 2016, and I didn’t get around listening to it until after I made my list of favorite albums from the year. Anyway — listen to Stillness In Wonderland.

Simz is back with her first bit of new music since the album with “Backseat,” where she analyzes her place in the music world and the support system. While she notes her dad probably would’ve wanted her to get into sports rather than rap, it’s her fans who keep her pushing through.

“I don’t talk or say too much and since the beginning my music has been my way of communicating with the supporters and people who really care about me and my art,” she said. “‘BACKSEAT’ is an update for the people. It’s all in the lyrics. Thank you for listening.”

Listen to “Backseat,” produced by Astronote, below.