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Khary Celebrates One Year Of ‘Intern Aquarium’ With Two New Tracks

blame it on Patrick Glynn May 12, 2017

It’s almost been a year to the day since Khary released his Intern Aquarium mixtape. The project dove into the Rhode Island native’s feelings about growing up and (seemingly) working for free while blowing up in the music world. “If you are in your 20s trying to find your place in this world,” he said when the project originally dropped, “this project is for you.”

Over the last year, Khary has largely moved on from the mixtape, looking forward to his joint project with Lege Kale among other aspirations. But today’s a day for reflection and looking back. Khary honored the DopeHouse with sharing two tracks that didn’t quite make the cut for Intern Aquarium a year ago, but they’re songs he “figured my fans would enjoy.”

One track is a song — “Floating” — where he lets his mind wander to worrisome thoughts and anxious feelings. The other is a skit with comedian Jermaine Fowler. Though they’re some of the favorite tracks he recorded for the project, Khary said, he already captured the feelings these tracks express on songs he determined would make the mixtape.

“The verse for ‘Floating’ is probably one of my favorite that I wrote [for] Intern Aquarium because it covers a broad range of emotions that I was feeling at the time,” Khary told 2DBZ over email. “I ultimately decided to leave it off of the project because the production sounded too different from the rest of the production on the project and I already had ‘Internlude’ that covered the main theme. The extra Jermaine Fowler skit was super funny but I felt like placing too many skits on the project might take away from the impact of the skits overall.”

Nevertheless, Khary felt the tracks would be better heard than hidden, so release them he did.

Listen to “Floating” and the skit, “Extra Mile,” below, and make sure you jump on Intern Aquarium if you haven’t yet.