Big Boi Thanks Sade For Helping Make His First Baby On Over/Under

blame it on Patrick Glynn May 16, 2017

With a release date for his upcoming Boomiverse album now in sight, Big Boi drops by Pitchfork’s offices for a bit of promotion partaking in their Over/Under segment.

Big Boi was asked his feelings on white suits (overrated), plastic surgery (he didn’t really give an answer — he just asked you make sure your butt and thighs match), Hatsune Miku (underrated — it’s where the sample for “Kill Jill” came from) and blowjob robots (“underrated than a muthafucka”) among other topics. He also thanked Sade (who’s obviously underrated) for helping make his first baby while he was courting his wife whom he’s been together with for 22 years.

He was also asked his opinions on bowling, to which Big Boi revealed he’s been a part of a bowling league on-and-off for about 15 years now. He also said he calls being DJ on the pay-to-play jukebox as the alley. He said he like to spend $150 to make sure he hears Migos’ “T-Shirt” ten times in a row, then he switches it up to Pat Benatar’s “Love Is A Battlefield.” He’s an American patriot.

Watch the segment below.