Stream Choker’s Debut Album, ‘PEAK’

blame it on Patrick Glynn May 17, 2017

Choker is stupid talented. Choker is a native of Detroit and a jack-of-all-musical-trades. He’s a master of all of them, too. He sings, he produces, he raps from time to time, he mixes his music, and everything blends together like someone who’s deep into his career with how polished and refined each recording sounds. But he’s still awfully young.

There are artists like Frank Ocean and Kevin Abstract who you could point to when listening to Choker and his new album, PEAK, which lands at 10 songs and was released last Friday. But the sound is often ambiguous and varied enough to help his own voice and originality arise from the finished product.

There’s dusty boom-bap on the album’s opening track, “Mango,” but it’s followed by soulful guitars and a falsetto to pair with it on the next song, “Brown Steel.” A couple songs later, “Diorama,” my favorite song, features a guitar-centric look at the self before ascending to euphoria in the latter half with a synth-laden, out-of-body experience that leaves off with a sense of hope and astonishment at the artist who made it.

Stream PEAK below, and cop it on Bandcamp at the name-your-price option.