Mysonne Rips Future’s “Mask Off”

blame it on Shake May 19, 2017

Back in February, Mysonne lit New York radio on fire when he burned down the Hot 97 building with a lethal Funk Flex freestyle. For seven minutes, the Bronx emcee waxed poetics about the fakes in the rap game and schooled listeners on the real life battles of being from the hood and life behind bars.

He also hit Future with an unexpected left hook:

Real? These n***as couldn’t be faker
But when I tell you n***as is frauds, I’m a hater!
Look, Future said: “God blessin’ all the trap n***as.”
I got a question for that: “Where you at, n***a?”
Trappers that I know gettin’ arrested ’cause of rats, n***a
Sentenced to life and they ain’t never comin’ back, n***a
These rap n***as tellin’ you lies
They ain’t never seen a gram, but they sellin’ you pies
They ain’t real, you can tell by they eyes
They ain’t tellin’ their stories, they tellin’ you mine

Now, after taking aim at Troy Ave on “Discipline” (below) and dropping his “That’s How We On It (Remix)” with Dave East, Fabolous and Raekwon, Mysonne’s back on the neck of the Percocet pushers with a series of bars over Future’s “Mask Off” instrumental. Check it out below.