Add-2 Discusses ‘The Power of Music’ During TEDx Talk

blame it on JES7 May 20, 2017

Earlier this month, Add-2 premiered a short film with director Mike Paulucci titled Perfect Journey at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. The featurette chronicles his journey, surviving the harsh environment of his South Side Chicago neighborhood as he finds “safety and refuge in telling his story through music and teaching underprivileged youth in his old neighborhood how to make music, stay off the streets, and stay positive.”

Recently, Add-2 was invited as a guest speaker at TEDx Talk, continuing his theme of The Power of Music. Throughout the 18 minute speech, Add-2 emphasizes the healing properties of music, and how, on a spiritual level, it can influence how we feel: “Music is imaginative, it’s creative. It’s a powerful tool that enhances our emotional states.”

He also shares an epiphanic moment when realizing the therapeutic nature of his music, not just for himself, but for his fans:

I often felt like writing music was the therapy that parents could never afford. There was something amazing that used to happen when I used to make music. I used to turn around and release it to the world, and somehow, some way, it would get to people who never seen me; didn’t know me, didn’t walk on my block. But felt the exact same way I did. It let me know I wasn’t alone. See, this therapeutic writings had started to turn into therapeutic listenings. It created a symbiotic relationship where me as an artist, at first, I was writing to help myself. But then I started releasing it and I figured out ‘Wow. This is helping other people.

Watch the entire thing below.