Clairmont The Second – “44 Me”

blame it on Patrick Glynn May 22, 2017

Police brutality one of the biggest and most decisive civil issues in American culture right now (outside of whatever the current presidential administration decides to fuck up next). It’s not just an American problem, though, and it never has been just an issue confined to the 50 states.

Toronto rapper Clairmont The Second digs into the issue on his new song, “44 Me,” as he wonders if his life is just leading to the moment where he’s killed by a police officer. If that tragic moment does come, Clairmont asks you “pour out a 40 for me” in a painful plea. He’s faced death a couple other times, too, which has caused him to be “shook every day” while living life. “When they ask me my name, be ready to die,” he says as the song closes.

Watch the video below.