Dumbfoundead – “History Of Violence” (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn May 30, 2017

The videos Dumbfoundead has attached We Might Die project — like those for “SAFE,” “Murals” and “Cochino” — have been creative, entertaining and well-thought-out. Moving on to promoting his latest project, Foreigner EP, DFD continues the trend with his new lyric video for “History Of Violence.”

Where the song dives into the American fetish with war and violence, the video is pressed with images of war from across time, from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics to Roman paintings to early video from World War I. Dumbfoundead discusses the driving outsider theme behind the project, which allows him to view American habits from an outside perspective.

“The Foreigner project is for all the outsiders,” the LA rapper began in a press email. “As an Asian-American (a.k.a. gyopo) I never knew where I belonged. I had two identities, neither one being fully accepting me. Even when I visited Korea, my home country, I felt like a Foreigner. While I didn’t fully understand the language, I was still embraced by those who followed my music. This mini-album is my first project ever distributed in Korea and I wanted to flip the word “Foreigner” (which is usually used in a negative way) into something positive.”

Watch the “History Of Violence” video below.