JAYLIEN – “Lucky Guy” (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn June 16, 2017

The premise for JAYLIEN‘s song “Lucky Guy” is… odd. Essentially, he’s saying the guy whose girl he’s cheating with is the real winner of the situation because, at the end of the day, he has the girl JAYLIEN wants.

The video for the song follows said girl — played by Athena, who he was cheating on his girl with in his last video, “We Fcuk” — and the guilt surrounding her for cheating on her dude.

The St. Louis native said the song was based on a true experience of sleeping around with someone in a relationship.

“I know I’m not the only one who’s been in a situation where you’re sleeping with someone’s partner and yet you feel he’s actually the lucky one because he gets to keep her,” JAYLIEN said in a press email. “It’s a true story so everything kind of flowed out naturally from start to finish. Word for word, the song is me in a very frustrating place, kind of dark place. The lyrics and music had to match the emotion and be authentic.”

Watch the video below.