The Cool Kids – “Checkout”

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 10, 2017

The Cool Kids announced their return just about a year ago, but the re-entry to the music world as a duo for Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish has been a slow, methodic release of music.

Their first return single, “Running Man,” was released in September, then “Connect Four” and “TV Dinner” followed in November and March, respectively. While it wasn’t promised the duo already had been making music when they announced their return, it’s fair to give Chuck and Michael plenty of time to return to form, which they’ve showed plenty of promise on the three singles and feature verses.

Today, The Cool Kids offer their fourth new single over the last year, “Checkout,” a haunting tune, and a pure rap effort where the two walk all over their competition with confidence.

Listen to “Checkout” below.