EV4N (fka Evan Holt) – 8-5 (EP)

blame it on JES7 August 13, 2017

Atlanta’s Evan Holt makes his grand return after years of radio silence. In 2013, Holt made waves with his full-length project The Temptations which was put out for free.

It’s 2017, and Holt, who has rebranded himself as EV4N, has some new music to share, along with his growth as a musician and artist within the past four years, delivering his new EP, 8-5.

8-5 employs instrumentation from Jay Curry, Uhhnon, and Brother Mynor—and while on paper, having multiple producers may come off as disjointed, the EP’s sound is actually just as cohesive as The Temptations, where Thelonious Martin held down production duties for the entirety of the project.

Stream the 6-track EP below via SoundCloud or Spotify, or support by purchasing a copy on iTunes.