Logic Was A Guest On ‘Rick & Morty’

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 14, 2017

Okay, so, Shake, Mek, Ges and I all watch Rick & Morty. The third season started airing a couple weeks ago, and we’ve all watched a varying number of the season’s episodes, but I do know for damn sure none of us have watched last night’s episode (August 13).

I do know, though, that Logic was a guest, brought on by Rick to some intergalactic party because, well, Rick can do things like that. The image above is similar to Logic’s The Incredible True Story album cover, and Logic has had the space travel schtick going on for a while now.

While I haven’t watched the clip myself on account of I don’t want anything spoiled (let me live), you can check Logic’s appearance on the show below. Watch the full episode on Adult Swim’s website.