MadeinTYO – “Lose It” (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn August 31, 2017

MadeinTYO released his Thank You, Mr. Tokyo a year ago last week. It’s home to his biggest post-“Uber Everywhere” hit, “Skateboard P,” and he celebrates the occasion with a video for the project’s fifth track, “Lose It” — and what a celebration it is.

The video starts out touching, seeing a dad walking home with his daughter from school, only to realize that once he got home, he forgot the milk. Seemingly struggling, the young girl flips that ideology on its head as she runs up stairs, sneaks out of the house and proceeds to Milly Rock her way around town.

Watch the video below. (MadeinTYO makes a cameo as a delighted patron in the path of the dancing girl.)