Westside Gunn Drops ‘Hitler Wears Hermes 5’

blame it on Meka October 31, 2017

This has been the month of Griselda Records, and there’s no debating this.

Following their lyrical slaughter during the BET Hip Hop Awards, Conway continued serving the heat with his More Steroids mixtape. Now, after linking with Smoke DZA on “Full Tank In The Bronco,” Westside Gunn follows that with the fifth (and final) installment of his Hitler Wears Hermes series—which arrives five years after the first.

5yrs Ago today I posted this Image nobody knew who WSG was there was no such thing as GRISELDA, Conway was still recovering from being shot in the head BUT I HAD a vision, late night studio sessions where the engineer went to sleep I had to wake him just to press record bc he didn’t believe in me hell Nobody really believed especially me talking about Hitler but I knew I was the 1 who could bring shit back to the essence especially when all we did was stand on couches and pop bottles nobody cared about the Boom bap or the Hard Fly shit but I took a chance with the title and imagery either it was gonna work or my career was over before it started THIS is before I got that special batch from Daringer but he sent me 1 beat and that was “MessHall Talk” this is what started EVERYTHING I hit Keisha Plum yo I need poetry, I went and got a wrestling skit( since day1 5yrs ago I was using wrestling) and just said I’m a make the flyest grimiest shit for ChineGun and 3days later u had HITLER WEARS HERMES, this makes the 5th yr Anniversary so for that not only am I gonna bring this Classic on Vinyl to complete the series I think for its 5th Bday I’ll drop PART 5 I haven’t even started it but I’m about to make it in these next 3days, I made the sacrifice and on the 3rd day I was like Jesus (one of the deeper meanings of FLYGOD) I’m about finish how I started off #FLYGOD #ART #CULTURE #HipHop #GXFR #Classic #LEGEND #HITLERWEARSHERMES #HALLOWEEN #HWH5

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A nine-track effort, he is joined by Styles P, Benny, Alchemist, Daringer, Knxwledge and DJ Green Lantern throughout. Stream it below, and cop a copy (for free) at Gunn’s Toneden.