Wait, what? Ol’ Dirty Bastard to Launch Own Cryptocurrency

blame it on Meka March 6, 2018

Now, this is unexpected.

Cryptocurrency has been touted as both the “future of money” and the “death of people.” I personally have no interest in it at all: besides, if I really wanted to risk it all, I’d either blow my savings on a drug-fueled bender in Las Vegas or have condom-less sex with Pamela Anderson.

Or, even better, blow my savings on a drug-fueled bender in Las Vegas while having condom-less sex with Pamela Anderson.

For whatever reason now, the estate of the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard is now jumping into the cryptocurrency world with his signature “Dirty Coin.” Billboard reports that it will be “a blockchain-based cryptocurrency used to power the best crypto games available that is set to be traded on the AltMarket via the TAO Network with the exchange symbol — what else? — ODB.”

“Music thrives creatively and financially when it’s in the hands of the artist themselves,” said Bryce Weiner, CEO of AltMarket, in a statement. “By removing the price tag of experimentation, we’re able to deliver for both the artist and their fans.”

There are some perks for those who opt in: fans will get access to “exclusive merchandise” including Dirty’s music catalog, tours, merch, and shows. Dirty Coin is also being used to fund the debut album from ODB’s son, Young Dirty Bastard.

Keep in mind, Big Baby Jesus is far from the first musician to jump into cryptocurrency, or even the first Wu-Tang Clan member for that matter: Ghostface Killah launched Cream Capitol in 2017.

Dirty Coin will hit the AltMarket sometime in the summer of 2018.