Swizz Beatz & Timbaland Hold Beat Battle at Hot97’s SummerJam

blame it on Shake June 10, 2018

After a year of talking, it finally happened.

Last July, Swizz Beatz, fresh off battling Just Blaze, decided to call out Timbaland during the New York stop of the Mayweather/McGregor fiasco. The challenge was immediately accepted and the two proceeded to share videos on social media of them playing new beats they crafted for the eventual showdown. Then… nothing.

“It’ll be more celebration than a battle,” Swizz said in December. “I just want to change that word around a little bit. So battle is like ‘kill each other,’ right? You know, but we’re really celebrating each other by even having the respect to do that. We’re going to treat it like a sport. Come in with your game face, I’ll come with my game face and [we’ll] do what we need to do. Tim is not an easy guy; he ain’t no pushover. I’m not an easy guy either so this is a good one. It’s for the culture anyway. At the end of the day, nobody loses because the culture wins.”

Fast forward nearly a year to the day, and the moment many hip hop fans were waiting for has finally arrived. During his extended set at Hot97’s SummerJam festival, Swizz decided to share the stage with Timbaland and the two super producers went back and forth, digging into their respective catalogs for 15 minutes of madness.

Peace to Yardie on the footage.