Alessia Cara Returns with New Single, “Growing Pains”

blame it on Shake June 14, 2018

Although she’s still fairly new to the game, Alessia Cara has already made major moves with the release of her debut album, Know It All. From platinum plaques to GRAMMY Awards, the Canadian singer is well on her way to a thriving career.

But you can’t progress without “Growing Pains.” And with the lead single off her forthcoming sophomore effort, Ms. Cara addresses just that.

“I’m the type of person who always suppresses everything, especially because everything was going so well for me in my career. I thought I had to suppress it, it because if I didn’t then I would be ungrateful,” Cara told Rolling Stone. “Of course that’s not the case, but when you’re in it and you have people telling you how lucky you are and how many people would kill to be in your position, you just think, “Okay, I’m not allowed to be feeling this right now. I need to suppress it.”

“And so I did for a very long time until I just couldn’t anymore,” she continued. “With ‘Growing Pains,’ I realized like it’s not just about writing songs for an album anymore, I am writing because I have to. It turned into the album, which I think is a way better way to create a piece of work, when it just happens. Every song that I wrote on this thing, I wrote because I felt like I needed to.”

Press play and follow along with the lyrics below.

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