Kane Mayfield Returns with “Shattered Glass”

blame it on Shake June 19, 2018

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard form Kane Mayfield.

Two years to be exact, when the Long Island, NY-bred rapper followed up his Black Diamonds EP with a two-for-one special. Bouncing around the county, Kane now resides in Cabo San Lucas and is ready to rock your earholes once again with the release of his new song, “Shattered Glass.”

“I will not let them define my culture or experience,” Kane told us via email. That’s it. Oh, and he’s got an album full of content on the way. So press play and get ready.

Along with the release on SoundCloud, Kane had the following to say on the description…

This song came out of a situation that was… well… personal.

When it happened, I was very frustrated and emotional and just immediately put on my headphones, picked a beat at random and this is what came out. Went DIRECTLY to the studio 4 min after writing the last line and did the first two verses in one take.

The third verse I messed up, but kept going and freestyled most of it. When I was finished I didn’t think that emotion could be captured again even though it ain’t what I wrote.

It’s NOT mixed and while we are wholesale against that over here, its just …. you know…. we couldn’t just keep talking all of the “making the best songs I’ve ever made” talk without giving yall something to believe in or listen to.

YES… I’m about 19 songs into this new album and it will be done shortly.

But we wanted to let you all know that no matter where I end up living (which may not be Florida or Mexico forever), I just wanted to continue on with holding up my end of the contract.

I will keep making it……… as long as yall keep loving it.

Also… sorry to the person that I sent this to that ain’t get the “Shattered Glass” audio, but instead got 8min of me moaning like a porno flick. It was late at night and I think shit like that is mad funny.