Sylvan LaCue Kicks off ‘Florida Man’ Experience with “Naan N*gga* Freestyle

blame it on Shake July 9, 2018

With one of the best albums of the year already under his belt in 2018, Sylvan LaCue is taking things to the next level with the release of a new mixtape this week.

Inspired by a recent trip back home after the tragic passing of his grandmother, LaCue is looking to honor her legacy and show what it’s like to really live and grow up in South Florida with his Florida Man project.

To kick things off, LaCue takes it back to his QuESt days (long-time fans know what’s up) and proceeds to put a hurting on Trick Daddy and Trina’s 305 classic “Naan N***a” with the project’s title-track.

Released with a matching video (the first of many), directed by Jonathan Benavente and Unkle Luc, LaCue takes us around his old stomping grounds while showing off various places where memories were made.

“I brought my business partner Jonathan Benavente out to South Florida and basically took him around to everywhere I grew up. Miramar, Hallandale, Pembroke Pines, Fort Lauderdale, North Miami. I wanted to show a glimpse of the personal places in South Florida that meant the most to me,” LaCue says. “It’s like the kick off to the whole entire Florida Man visual experience. I wore an André Dawson Florida Marlins jersey for two reasons. 1.) My grandmother is from Dawson Georgia and this tape is dedicated to her. 2.) Andre Dawson wanted to finish his professional baseball career in Florida with the Marlins. It was like his final run before stepping away into a different realm. Later on, he worked for the Marlins front office and won his first World Series with the team. I’ve been an independent artist since I started my career 10 years ago in 2008. I’ve done a lot of things…. But I feel like this is my last run before the shift happens. And there’s no better way to finish, then finishing at home.”

“The mixtape will be a visual mixtape, 10 videos, hosted by DJ Luna and DJ Bre on YouTube and IG TV,” he continues. “You’ll be able to really experience and see South Florida for what it is. It’s also a non profit cause, so any proceeds that want to be directed to me, will be directed to South Florida charities. Between my grandmother passing and recent events that have happened here in South Florida, I feel more that ever, that its time for my city to come together and heal. And I hope this can continue to add / push that agenda.”

Check out the visual experience below and be sure to pick up Florida Man on Friday. On top of being dedicated to his grandmother, Ruth Williams, all proceeds will be directed towards South Florida charities via

Time to come together. 🏝

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