Nicki Minaj & Future Cancel ‘NickiHndrxx’ Tour

blame it on Shake August 22, 2018

Let’s just say, Nicki Minaj isn’t having the best week.

Not only did Queen take a backseat to Travis Scott’s Astroworld on the charts (and will be doing so again this week ha), Nicki has been throwing a series of temper tantrums on both social media and her Queen Radio show.

Coming up with every excuse in the books, the “Queen” tried to blame Kylie Jenner (for supporting her baby daddy?), Spotify (“Do YoU kNoW HoW mAnY PeOpLe sUbScRiBe tO mY sPoTiFy PaGe?!?!), and even Travis “Auto-Tune man” Scott for combining albums with merch sales—a tactic she does herself, just not on the same level.

It’s hilariously contradicting, especially since Nicki even had bundles for sale that packaged the album alongside tickets purchased for her NickiHndrxx Tour with Future. The problem is, no one was copping tickets. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Which brings us to this post. Due to Nicki wanting to practice more horrendous ticket sales, the North American leg of the tour has been shut down. Sorry, Barbz…

If you thought this week’s meltdown was bad, next week is gonna be on another level. According to early reports, Nicki will be slipping to No. 4 on the charts—behind her bestie Ariana Grande, Travis Scott (again), and now, Drake.