Cypress Hill Returns with New Album, ‘Elephants On Acid’

blame it on Shake September 28, 2018

It’s been eight years since Cypress Hill released an album (2010’s Rise Up), but the smoked out “Band of Gypsies” are officially back with their new album, Elephants On Acid.

A return to form, Elephants finds DJ Muggs back behind the boards and providing the production. Something he hasn’t done with a Cypress record since 2014’s Till Death Do Us Part — yeah, an album that dropped fourteen years ago.

“With a band like Cypress Hill, you kind of try to avoid [sampling] because it can hold up your record,” Muggs told Rolling Stone. “So I had to build the record sonically like a Cypress Hill grimy-ass dirty f*ckin’ Hip-Hop record like the sh*t I like. But I had to use live sh*t. So I played a lot of sh*t myself. I had people come in and play, but I know how to freak my sh*t to make it sound like samples… I got a couple players that come in that are pro. I just pound on the f*cking keyboards and play all the crazy sh*t that you might hear that’s smoked the f*ck out.”

Locked in at a hefty 21 tracks—including “Crazy,” “Muggs is Dead,” and “Locos” with Sick Jacken—the album also has songs like “Jesus Was A Stoner” and “Blood On My Hands.”

Press play below and be sure to add Elephants On Acid on your preferred streaming platform.