Pusha T Talks Clipse, ‘DAYTONA’ & More To Red Bull Music Academy

blame it on Meka October 16, 2018

On October 10th Pusha T was the guest of honor for the Red Bull Music Academy’s at at Berlin’s Kino International. During his 90-minute sit-down with RBMA, he delved into his decades-long career form his Clipse beginnings to his current role as G.O.O.D Music president. Of course, he talked about MAGA West and his BFF Drake as well.

Some choice quotes, below:

On composition

“I like to write to beats. I don’t like to write to a beat, and then put those raps on another beat, because the marriage is just never the same. Rarely can you fit it like a puzzle, it doesn’t usually work like that.”

On DAYTONA‘s inception

“Man, I just have a chip on my shoulder. I really do when it comes to rap. ‘Cause I don’t think lyric-driven hip-hop ever goes out of style, I don’t believe that. And even with rap changing in the different subgenres and the different sounds, the chip on my shoulder is competing with those sounds. I want to be the disruption to all of this, and I don’t what you to think you can do what I do. I’m not into that. Looking for “first album energy” is trying to tap into the brash, young, Pusha-T who just doesn’t give a damn. He’s a rebel.”

On his New York roots

“I actually seen B.I.G. in a club. I actually… Raekwon was friends with some of my friends. So when these albums hit, it was like chaos. It was like chaos through the town. They had adopted all the slang, you just saw the bad-boy influence super heavy. It had a major impact on me.”

Watch the entire sit-down below.