Mayer Hawthorne & Jake One Toast to “The Tuxedo Way” On New Single

blame it on Shake May 14, 2019

At the top of the year, if we were to bet, we would’ve put money on Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One releasing another Tuxedo album–maintaining the “every two year” schedule they’ve had since their debut collaborative effort in 2015. Sadly, we were wrong. March came and went with absolutely no sign of a third album.

Still, we sit and wait for the duo to deliver another dose of funk. And while we do so, Hawthorne and Uno have come through with a new single called “The Tuxedo Way.”

“Tuxedo is music for celebrating,” the duo says. “Yet, as we were working on new music, we realized, much to our surprise, that we didn’t actually have a quintessential celebration song in our catalog. ‘The Tuxedo Way’ is the answer to that problem.”

Check it out below and be sure to catch the duo in a city near you. Tour dates available here.