KXNG Crooked – “2Nite”

blame it on Shake September 28, 2019

The Weeklys continue.

After kicking a “Dope Rap” last week, KXNG Crooked uses the 39th entry of the series to rock a Dizz-Laced flip of DJ Quik’s “Tonite.”

“Crooked is Biggie like with the shit he writes,” Crook raps. “Cherish life, I ain’t scared of heights, on them Paris flights/ Sometimes, to live in paradise, you gotta roll a pair of dice/ That’s why my diamonds are talking to these birds, call it parrot-ice/ N***a, I wear it nice/ You can’t play with a boss’ cards, I made it off the bars/ David off cigars/ Spit for n****as who never made it off the yard/ Still calling shots though, paying off the guards/ The snitches out here hitting more notes than an opera singer/ That’s why my gun stay pointing like Tekashi finger.”