JAG Drops ‘Older the Berry, Sweeter the Juice’ EP

blame it on Shake April 3, 2020

After taking fans on a stroll through South Central with his Loren Miller album last year, JAG is back looking to capture another audience with the release of his latest project, Older the Berry, Sweeter the Juice.

“I can’t rewind time,” he told hhdx. “I won’t ever be one of these 18, 19-year-olds that’s gettin’ signed left and right today, but music–like any craft–takes time, practice and a lot of dedication in order to really be great. So while I’m not gettin’ any younger I feel as though with each year in this game not only am I gettin’ better but sonically I’m in a place where I know I can compete with anybody, even these kids today.”

“People tend to know me best for my bars and I’m proud of that,” he continued, “but I wanna be a pen that n***as in the industry feel they can turn to if they need a single.”

Equipped with seven tracks and features from Sy Ari Da Kid, DB Bantino, and Neen Bowen, the EP can be heard below. Press play and be sure to add JAG’s Older the Berry, Sweeter the Juice wherever you consume music.

  1. “Too Many Days Not Enough Nights” f. Sy Ari Da Kid
  2. “Swimming In Money”
  3. “Right Now”
  4. “Kilimanjaro” f. DB Bantino & Neen Bowen
  5. “Shine”
  6. “Sauce Everywhere”
  7. “Change”