Mach-Hommy Shares New Project, ‘Mach’s Hard Lemonade’

blame it on Meka August 10, 2020

It’s nice to see that the East Coast — after years of going through the motions — has finally rediscovered its sounds, so there’s practically something for any fan of music from the region.

New Jersey’s Mach-Hommy has returned with his first project since 2019’s Kill ‘Em All collabo wit h DJ Muggs, Mach’s Hard Lemonade. And, similar to what Nipsey Hussle and Roc Marciano would to do with their projects, Mach is taxing up the A for his: the deluxe vinyl version is available on his site for $444.44 (the price is a not-so-subtle ode to JAY-Z, who cosigns Mach). If you’re too poor/frugal for that (and that is neither an insult or negative critique, because good Lord), you can pre-order the standard vinyl for $222.22, the CD for $99.99, or the cassette tape for $77.77.

  1. “SBTM (Sweeney Been Told Me)”
  2. “Soon Jah Due” f. Earl Sweatshirt
  3. “Marshmallow Test”
  4. “Smoked Maldon” f. Tha God Fahim
  5. “Photocopy Sloppy (Dumb Fraud)”
  6. “Pour House” f. Your Old Droog
  7. “Clout Dracula (Remix)” f. Navy Blue, Young Quenz & Tvoy
  8. “Squeaky Hinge”
  9. “NJ Ultra”

For the rest of us (read: the cheapos), the album can be streamed — via Tidal, currently — below.