Joyce Wrice – “So So Sick”

blame it on Wongo December 4, 2020

If you’re not on the Joyce Wrice wave yet, now would be a good time to pack up your belongings and get yourself situated with the talented R&B singer.

Months removed from her “That’s On You” single, the Southern California born singer arrives with “So So Sick,” a track that is the lead single on her upcoming album, which drops early next year.

“I was feeling really hurt and down about a dude I really liked but he only wanted me at his own convenience,” she says of the new single. “I was sick of giving him the power to control me emotionally and was ready to move on despite how hard it may be. So writing this song was my therapy where I realized my worth and how he’s missing out on a great woman.”

Check out the D’Mile-produced track below.